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Fazenda Morada dos Pássaros has long belonged to the Franco family. The family’s passion for coffee has passed from generation to generation and finds its most recent manifestation in current owner, Wanderley Franco. Wanderley is the third generation of Francos to devote himself entirely to coffee production. Today he manages the farm with his son-in-law, who will one day take over the farm.

Morada dos Pássaros is the perfect location for quality coffee production. Located in one of Brazil’s most reknowned coffee growing regions (Minas Gerais), the farm benefits from an elevation of 1,117 metres above sea level. The natural potential of the land is met by the Franco family’s devoted attention to producing the best quality coffee that they can. The farm is devoted entirely to coffee cultivation (just under a hectare is reserved for infrastructure and natural preserve. With 33 hectares of Catucaí, Mundo Novo and Catuaí trees, as one might image the labour needs are intensive. Nonetheless, Wanderley and his son-in-law do most of the work on the farm. They employ an additional four people to help out with some post- and pre-harvest activities, and during the harvest itself, approximately 12 workers are hired to help.

Harvesting is done by hand, but Wanderley plans to mechanize in the coming years due to increased cost of labour. After harvesting, the coffee is delivered to the mill for processing.

This 100% Catuaí lot was processed using the natural method. After harvesting, the coffee is put directly onto the farm’s patios, where it will dry for approximately 4 days, being turned frequently to ensure even drying. After this, the coffee is delivered to mechanical driers, where it finishes trying at a slow and even heat.

Environmental conservation is important for the farm, and they make every effort to preserve the natural beauty and flora and fauna native to the land. The farm, in fact, takes its name from the wide variety of birdlife on the farm. Morada dos Pássaros is Portuguese for ‘Home of the Birds’.