Essentials of good brewing

Essentials of good brewing
Although roasted coffee is purchased either in its whole bean or ground form, it is consumed as a beverage. Therefore, the quality of the coffee relates directly to one's ability to transform it into an enjoyable beverage. To make the beverage flavorful, the six elements of good brewing practices must be observed.
Coffee begins this transformation as a green bean. The beans come from many growing regions around the world, each with its own distinctive flavor characteristics. The way beans are roasted - including the rate and length of heatings - also plays a critical role in determining the ultimate flavor of the brew.
Coffee gets most of its flavor from the great variety of compounds released when the ground particles make contact with water. During brewing, the total amount of flavoring material in the beverage changes, as does the proportion of each compound. In other words, the flavor changes continuously as time elapses. As a general rule, the most flavorful compounds are extracted first. The longer coffee particles remain in contact with the water, the greater the quantity of less-flavorful compounds released.
Six Essential Elements you should consider when brewing coffee
  • Correct coffee-to water ratio
  • A coffee grind that matches the brewing time
  • Proper operation of brewing equipment
  • Optimum brewing method
  • Good-quality water
  • An appropriate filtering medium