• Roast degrees

     The bean itself has a lot of different aromas and flavors depending on variety, climate, soil, process, quality and some coffee beans are by nature more floral and fruity, while others...

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  • Mikrolot Sitio Da Torre fra Brasilien

      SITIO DA TORRE, BRASILIEN Alvario Antônio’s kaffe udmærkede sig ved igen i år at være blandt de allerbedste i Cup of Excellence Brazil. Sitio Da Torre ligger i byen...

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  • Specialty Coffee

      Det kræver en ekstraordinær indsats i alle faser med arbejdet på farmen at producere specialty coffee – fra udvælgelse af den rigtige kaffesort, plantning, gødning, mængden af skygge, plukning,...

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  • Betegnelser

    Betegnelser:Single origin er en kaffe fra et bestemt land eller en bestemt region. Single estate er en kaffe fra en bestemt farm, mølle eller cooperativ Mikrolot er en kaffe, hvor du udover navnet...

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  • Specialty Coffee Grading

    "Specialty coffee" was first used in 1974 by Erna Knutsen in an issue of Tea & Coffee Trade Journal. Knutsen used this term to describe beans of the best flavor...

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  • Essentials of good brewing

    Although roasted coffee is purchased either in its whole bean or ground form, it is consumed as a beverage. Therefore, the quality of the coffee relates directly to one's ability to...

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